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13oz Vinyl Banners (1 Sided)

Vinyl banners are the best way to advertise and promote your business to public. Printed on 13oz premium Scrim Matte vinyl. Banners are printed on digital printers. Banners are sent out hemmed and grommeted with brass grommets.
Usage: Indoor or Outdoor; Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years.
Printing Time: Once your vinyl banner design has been approved for print it usually takes 2-3 business days for your vinyl banner to be printed, cut, and packaged to ship.
Half the scale templates: Banners larger than 15ft need to be designed at half the scale, meaning half the size of an actual print size due to very large file size.
Example: If 4x20ft is a print size, half scale of that size would be 2x10ft.

Save and use these templates when setting up your design.
File requirements for this product:
Full Scale Resolution: 150 DPI | Size: 100% | Bleed:
NO | Crop Marks: NO
1/2 Scale Resolution: 200 DPI | Size: 50% | Bleed: NO | Crop Marks: NO
1/3 Scale Resolution: 150 DPI | Size: 33% | Bleed: NO | Crop Marks: NO
You must save the template first, and then open it in your design program.
PC users:
right-click link, select "Save Target As..."
MAC users: control-click link, select "Download Linked File As..."
This color means 1/2 the scale templates This color means 1/3 the scale templates
1x5ft 2x4ft 3x4ft 4x4ft     6x23ft
1x6ft 2x5ft 3x5ft 4x5ft 5x5ft   6x24ft
1x7ft 2x6ft 3x6ft 4x6ft 5x6ft 6x6ft 6x25ft
1x8ft 2x7ft 3x7ft 4x7ft 5x7ft 6x7ft 6x26ft
1x9ft 2x8ft 3x8ft 4x8ft 5x8ft 6x8ft 6x27ft
  2x9ft 3x9ft 4x9ft 5x9ft 6x9ft 6x28ft
1x10ft 2x10ft 3x10ft 4x10ft 5x10ft 6x10ft 6x29ft
1.5x5ft 2x11ft 3x11ft 4x11ft 5x11ft 6x11ft 6x30ft
1.5x6ft 2x12ft 3x12ft 4x12ft 5x12ft 6x12ft 6x31ft
1.5x7ft 2x13ft 3x13ft 4x13ft 5x13ft 6x13ft 6x32ft
1.5x8ft 2x14ft 3x14ft 4x14ft 5x14ft 6x14ft 6x33ft
1.5x9ft 2x15ft 3x15ft 4x15ft 5x15ft 6x15ft 6x34ft
1.5x10ft 2x16ft 3x16ft 4x16ft 5x16ft 6x16ft 6x35ft
  2x17ft 3x17ft 4x17ft 5x17ft 6x17ft 6x36ft
8x8ft 2x18ft 3x18ft 4x18ft 5x18ft 6x18ft 6x37ft
8x9ft 2x19ft 3x19ft 4x19ft 5x19ft 6x19ft 6x38ft
8x10ft 2x20ft 3x20ft 4x20ft 5x20ft 6x20ft 6x39ft
          6x21ft 6x40ft

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Vinyl Banner (13oz.)
1 Sided

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