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Brokers Program


You will generate revenue with our low prices by reselling our top-quality products to your clients.
Our guarantee states no soliciting to your clients.

Top few reasons to use

- Lowest prices
- Top quality
- Full color sheet fed offset printing
- Premium paper stock
- Convenient self-service ordering 24/7
- Blank templates to ensure you the highest quality and faster service.
- We use soy ink in 80% of our products, so our prints are ecofriendly.
- Blind drop shipping available. Use your own address as the sender, and send directly to your clients.

New Brokers:

In order to qualify for our wholesale rates, you must meet the following qualifications:

You must have an active account. Sign up now! It's FREE!
You placed a minimum of 2 orders a month for the past 3 months, or you placed 10 orders overall.
You must be in the printing or graphic design field. (Freelance graphic designers are welcome.)
You are responsible to set up your own files.
Your account is in good standing.
You are required to place orders through our website.
To keep your account status as an active "broker", you are responsible to place a minimum of 2 orders per month.

How much do I save?

Number of orders
placed per month
2-3 5%
4-5 10%
6 or more 13%

What happens if I fail to meet the requirements?
If you have not met your requirement for 2 straight months, your account will be converted to a standard account.

What if I didn't meet requirements for only one month?
Let's say you did not have any orders in July, but in August you had 6. Your average for two months will be 3 orders, and you are still meeting your requirements.

Do you offer sample kits?
Yes, if you are approved for our brokers program, we do have non-branded sample kits available that you can use to show to your clients.

Are sample kits required and how much do they cost?
Sample kits are optional, but we do feel they are necessary and we highly recommend that you have it.
Sample kits are one flat rate of $19.95 that includes the materials and shipping.

What's in a sample kit?

A sample kit includes a paper swatch book that's printed in full color. It contains paper materials used for all of our print product categories. Each paper material is labeled showing the paper stock and finish. It also includes a few miniature sheets of vinyl banner materials and other large formats that are printed in full color and labeled to show material and quality.

What discount level/group do I get if I am approved?
Your wholesale group will be based on your last 3 months' average.

How do I get a higher discount?
If you are in a 2-4 orders a month discount group, and for the past 3 months you have averaged 4-5 orders, you will have to contact us to review your account. Once your account has been reviewed and approved, your discount will be adjusted for upcoming orders.

Does being a broker mean I am employed by your company?
No. Being a broker does not mean you are employed by It means that you are placing more orders per month than an average customer and you meet the requirements to qualify for a wholesale discount.

How do I quit being a broker?
Just stop placing orders. After 2 months of not placing any orders, your account will automatically be converted to a standard account.

I have a sales tax ID. Do you need that?
We only require it for the state of Utah. If you have a sales tax ID and you would like to order it tax -free so that you can resale resell it, you will need to provide a copy of your tax documents. After providing documents, and after your documents are approved, your account will be adjusted for the future orders.

Can I pick up my order at your location?
No. We no longer offer holds for pick up. All orders have to be shipped. You can choose to have your order delivered to your shop, or we also offer blind drop shipping.

What is blind drop shipping?
Instead of using our company name and address as the sender, we will use your name and address as the sender on a shipment label. This option is perfect for resellers that want to ship directly to their clients without revealing their supplier.

Existing Brokers:

I was already a broker, and I just got approved for a higher discount group. Can I get a refund on the orders I placed before I was approved?
No. You can only get discount after your account has been approved, and your discount will automatically apply on the next order you place. Orders that you already placed cannot be adjusted.

I think I used to get higher discounts as a broker before on my account, what happened?
You must have not placed enough orders for the discount level that you were at. After 2 months of not meeting our requirements, your account automatically converts you to the proper discount level.

Do I pay at the time of order or after?
All orders are paid at the time of order.

If you are interested in becoming a broker, please contact for more details.

Please grant us 12-24 hours to contact you. We thank you for inquiring about our wholesale program.
. Contact
tel: 801.706.2667
[best contact] e-mail: info [at]
[mailing only] address: 715 E 3900 So #210
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
business hours: Monday - Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm MST
We are a web-based printing company.
All orders must be placed thru our website.
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